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Are My Boots Broken?

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Is it defective, or a unique handmade spark?


Footbed Bumps

Footbed bumps are just a result of the production process. What you are seeing under the sock liner is the fold of the cinch nails holding the sole onto the slip of the boot. We are not able to omit nails and/or screws from our builds. Our boots are

Why Are My Boots Different?

Our boots are handmade on old machines so some variance is normal. The variances shouldn't impact the durability or fit of the boots. We can't guarantee an exchange pair will have symmetrical consistency of a mass produced product, so generally in ca

Why Do My Boots Squeak?

An all leather boot always has the possibility of squeaking as it a result of the layers of leather rubbing together. Sometimes new boots will squeak for awhile but quiet down as all those layers settle with wear. Typically adding some grease or oil

Are My Boots Different Sizes?

The width of the outsole on the exterior of the boot can vary from boot to boot as it is a result of how much the exterior is sanded. If the boot maker hold one boot on the sander a little bit longer than the other there will be a variance. This is p