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How to care for your boots of all varieties!


Boot Care

Boot care is a very important part of boot ownership! There is not a difference between caring for a roughout boot vs a smooth leather boot. We recommend watching this playlist to learn how to properly clean and condition your boots, and this page fo

Do I Need Stitched Thru Boots?

Stitching is what holds boots together before the advent of adhesives. In all our boots, 90% of the bond strength is glue. Stitching, to be perfectly honest, is more ascetic than it is functional. You will notice that many of our "thicker" boots don'

Are Your Boots Oil Or Slip Resistant?

Our boots are not slip resistant, but we do offer some soles that are oil resistant!. Slip-resistant work boots emphasize having a good tread pattern on the outsole and a non-slipper sole material such as rubber or PVC. Oil-resistant work boots preve

How often should I use leather conditioner products on my boots?

We recommend applying the appropriate leather conditioner about every 3-4 weeks. As a general rule, when the leather looks dry the boots are ready to be conditioned. Remember, leather is a hide so treat it like skin, applying conditioner when it appe