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How custom can a handmade boot be?


I Can't Find What I Want, Can You Help Me?

We have made all of our custom options available on our website under the Custom Configuration models of our boots. We are not able to accept orders using products outside of our website offerings, such as leather, soles, or hardware. We really appre

Can You Send Me Photos Of A Specific Boot Configuration?

We have over 30 leather options, more than 15 sole options, and many configurations available, we unfortunately do not have the ability to send photos for each combination. For photos of the different leathers check out this page on our website! We a

Boot Authentication & Stamping

Our Work Boots receive a stamp, and the Heritage line will have a tag sewn into the inside! We cannot accept customizations to change what the boot you ordered will receive. We are not able to accept custom stamping request such as stamping a name or

CSA, or Other Ratings

CSA standards are safety standards in Canada for electrical appliances, medical devices, machinery, equipment, etc. We currently do not have boots that match a CSA Rated Boot available. You can learn more about the certifications we do offer here!

Are Nicks Boots Waterproof?

Most of our boots have an all leather construction so they will never be waterproof, but they can be treated for water resistance. The only exception will be our boots built using the WaterShield leathers we carry. For other leathers, we recommend Ob

Do You Offer Handwelting?

We don't offer hand-welting. The current double welted, stitch down, Mckay construction is more water tight, durable, and you can get more resoles before the boots need to be rebuilt. We moved away from hand welting for those reasons, but it is also

Can The Thread On My Boots Be Changed?

We do not accept custom thread color request for any part of the boot, including the sole or the leather.

Can You Change The False Tongue On My Boot Order?

As simple as the false tongue change sounds, the false tongue style actually signals several other changes to the boot makers.  For example, if Packer false tongue is called for, the sewers will actually use a Packer specific sewing pattern.  The hee

Do You Offer A Zero Drop Boot?

We do not offer a zero-drop boot. We have three lasts available, the HNW Moderate Arch, the 55 and the 67 Classic Arch. The 67 last will have a taller and wider toe box than the 55 last, but they both have our classic arch support! You do not need to

What Is A Celastic Toe?

A celastic toe gives the toe box a rigid lining. You can learn more about them here and in this video to determine if it is a good match for your needs!

Does Nicks Offer A Winter Boot? Or Lined Boots?

Unfortunately we do not offer winter boots, or boots that have lining and/or insulation. If you are needing a boot for low temperatures, we do recommend seeking out a true winter boot. We hope we can work with you in the future for your other boot ne

Can I use my custom orthotics/insoles with my Nicks?

Unfortunately, we can not build our boots to accommodate your insoles or custom orthotics. Nor can we guarantee your orthotics will work in out boots. We do not build boots to accommodate medical needs. Many customers prefer the built-in arch support

What Leather Should I Choose?

All of our leathers are sourced from American tanneries, Seidel, Horween, and Wickett And Craig specifically. “Work Leathers” are characterized by their thicker ounce weight, durability, and oil and water resistance. You can see a great comparison of

Do I Need A Work Boot or a Heritage Boot?

Heritage boots, or casual boots, are typically designed for lighter-duty everyday wear. Nicks Heritage Boots are designed to be lighter weight without compromising durability. Work Boots are designed to hold up in the toughest conditions and that's w