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How to determine your Nicks Size!


US Customers Sizing Options

Custom Size Requests

We do not build boots to custom measurements. We have over 200 sizes available, you can determine what size is best for you by following our DIY Fitting Guide! You can learn more about our sizing in this video as well! We do offer a great Buy With Co

How Does Nicks Sizing Compare To RedWings Or Another Brand?

It is hard to tell what our size is compared to other brands as customers have told us various size differences in our boots and the mass-produced market. Some people find we run longer, while others find we are the same. All of our sizing is based o

My Size Isn't On Your Website, Can You Build It?

Just because a size isn't available on the website doesn't mean we can't build it. If you would please double check your size on a brannock and let us know what you come up with we will check with our production team and let you know if we can build

Custom Uppers, Narrow Ankles, And Mismated Sizes

We do offer custom uppers, but keep in mind that the size of the uppers will correlate to the size selected for the boot! We recommend starting with the standard upper and then doing an exchange for the custom option should you receive them and they

Medical Needs And Lifts

While our boots generally fit better than most mass produced boots due to their all leather construction and our wider variety of sizes, we aren't able to offer boots to meet medical needs or that accommodate orthotics. Some customers have found that

Belt Sizing

On the belt order we ask for your pants waist size. If your jeans are a size 36x30, your waist size is 36. From there we will add 4" to determine true waist size (most pants companies list the waist size 4" smaller than true waist size), and the cent

Do You Have My Size On File?

We will have all sizing on file for all customers who placed orders directly from us from January 2020 to the present. If you ordered prior to this but after 2015, we likely have your old sizing on file as well in our other systems, please reach out

Should I Come In To Be Fit?

We can definitely fit you in store! Keep in mind that we don't build boots to measurements. The in store process is very similar to that of the DIY Fitting Process and in terms of quality of fit, we have not found any difference in the end result bet

I Have Flat Feet, What Should I Order?

Our flat footed customers tend to go one of two ways. Either they prefer our classic arch (55 or 67) because it gives their foot an arch that isn't there naturally, or they prefer our moderate arch (FT or HNW) because it is flatter and arch support h