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Custom Uppers, Narrow Ankles, And Mismated SizesUpdated 17 days ago

We do offer custom uppers, but keep in mind that the size of the uppers will correlate to the size selected for the boot! We recommend starting with the standard upper and then doing an exchange for the custom option should you receive them and they lace too close together.

We can build mismates, though we don't recommend them. Mismates will never look or feel the same. The majority of our customers have feet that are slightly different sizes but the beauty of an all leather boot is that it will break in based on whichever foot is in the boot! The right and left boot may feel different when they are new, but after break in they should feel more similar than different!  If you have a significant difference that you would like us to accommodate, please place the order on our website, then email us with your order number detailing which size you would like each boot, including length and width for each! 

Boots with custom uppers or that are a mismated size are not eligible for a return or an exchange.

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