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How Should New Boots Fit?Updated 10 months ago

Generally we recommend about a thumbs width of space ahead of your toes in a new boot. The boots get more comfortable as the leather molds to the foot.  As you break in the boots and the arches settle your foot will move forward and the toe box will curl back, so the boots will end up shorter and wider after break in than when they are new! 

If the boots are tight to the point of causing pain or numbness, please reach out regarding a return or exchange.

Our heels are created not to prevent movement in the heel, but to prevent blisters. Heel movement is actually designed into the footwear. There is nothing worse in a boot than for your heel to be packed into the heel counter. Ideally, the heel should float up and down and side to side, but obviously not cause pain. There is a lacing pattern that we have found that can successfully secure the heel. From the top hook, instead of crossing over to the opposite eyelet go straight up through the eyelet above the hook. You can also do this starting at the second to the top hook if you feel like the first hook is not securing the heel enough. 

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