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How To Calculate Your Lead TimeUpdated 2 months ago

Calculating when your boots will ship is easy! All lead times are based on the date the order is placed. 

To calculate your lead time, use your phone or Google. Simply, ask Siri or alexa, and search "What is (number of weeks) from (Order Date) and then you will have your answer! 

For example how we calculate your lead time in office is the following. if your ordered a Made To Order Builder Pro on March 15th, and own an iPhone, to calculate your lead time you would say "Hey Siri, what is 27 weeks after March 15th?" which she would let you know is September 20th! 

If you ordered a pair of Ready to Ship or Factory Seconds boots, please keep in mind that we do have a 3-5 business day processing time, and work diligently to send them in a timely manner. This may be extended during a big sale or promotion.

All items on an order will ship at one time, determined by the longest lead time on the order. 

These lead times are not determined lightly, while we believe they are accurate they are only an estimate. Actual build and delivery times may vary, and are subject to change.

The current lead times are below;

Resoles: 6-8 Weeks

Quick Ship: 8 Weeks

Rebuilds: 8-12 Weeks

Standard Lead Time, Made To Order, Classic Configuration Boots - 18-35 Weeks

Quick Ship & Bestseller Boots- 8-12 Weeks

If you need further assistance calculating your lead time, please call or email us!

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